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Dr. Bernadotte is the daughter of immigrant parents from Haiti. She has always had a great love for Haiti and its people and vowed to give back to the nation even before attending medical school. She is currently a practicing board certified Emergency Medicine physician. Dr. Bernadotte has been on several medical missions to Haiti including trips to Pignon, Cavaillon, St. Marc, Port Salut and Port-au-prince. Within days of the devastating earthquake in 2010, Dr. Bernadotte arrived in Haiti and spent one week delivering care to those in need at the hospital set up by the University of Miami. While there she realized that many of the injured could not make it to the hospital and led a small team out into the communities that were most affected by the earthquake. Her desire to always give back to the people of Haiti and also share Haiti's colorful culture with others propelled her to found Inspire Haiti in 2009.

SAMUEL DENIS | Vice President

Sam Denis was born in Port Salut, Haiti and immigrated to the United States with his family as a teenager. Since that time, he has been to Haiti numerous times and has extensive experience in organizing humanitarian efforts in his homeland. Initially a member of NOVA Hope for Haiti, Sam helped launch Inspire Haiti in order to have a more direct impact on the people of Haiti. As Vice President, Sam is invaluable in everything IH does. He is always responsible for organizing transportation, lodging, security for all of our volunteers. Furthermore, Sam works as a liaison with various community members in Haiti in order to help IH have the greatest impact on the communities it serves.


Medgine Bernadotte serves as secretary of Inspire Haiti. She was born in Port-as-Prince, Haiti and came to the United States with her mother at the tender age of three. She credits her parents and grandmother for always made certain that she and her appreciated the culture, learned the language of Haiti and enjoyed the delicious Haitian cuisine. As a teenager, she returned to Haiti with her family and witnessed her parents' lament how much it had changed as a result of corruption and in fighting. They reminisced about how beautiful the island had been when they were children. Their love for Haiti translated to a tremendous appreciation of the island nation by their daughters. Haitians also believe in a strong sense of education and independence. Perhaps, that is directly correlated to being the first independent black nation in the west. As a result of her parents' nurturing, Medgine was able to grow into a confident woman and is now a practicing attorney in NYS. She still feels that burning love for Haiti and has dedicated her time and resources to Haiti and its people.

RENEE POWELL, RN | Chair, Fundraising Committee

As Inspire Haiti's (IH) Fundraising Chair, Renée Powell is responsible for managing the overall fundraising aspects of IH in hopes of maintaining and strengthening current relationships while soliciting new partners in support of IH's financial objectives.

Renée has degrees in public health, nursing, and health administration and has excelled in development and leadership positions in the medical nonprofit sector for nearly 12 years. As someone who's always had an innate desire to help those in need, Renée is drawn to the core values of IH and is passionate about international volunteering having participated in several medical missions in Haiti, Jamaica, and the Philippines.







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